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Dermal Filler Dissolving

If you have ever had dermal fillers injected and you have been dissatisfied, there was either too much product injected, the appearance of lumps or your practitioner did a poor job creating your desired shape, you are welcome to come to Invicta Aesthetics to have this remedied by our doctor.


Hyalase or Hyaluronidase is used to reverse the effects of dermal fillers. Hyalase is an enzyme our body already naturally produces which breaks down hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in dermal fillers. Hyalase can be injected to dissolve the unwanted effects of dermal filler to prepare the treatment area to be corrected.

Undesirable outcomes could be due to lumps forming in the treatment area, poor injecting technique, too much water retention caused by a particular filler, too much filler injected or the desired shape was not achieved by the filler or your practitioner. Areas of the face that are most often corrected are the tear trough, lips, chin and cheeks.

Hyalase dissolves fillers in 24-48 hours. We treat patients who have had dermal filler injections from other clinics and offer a correction after dissolving unwanted fillers.

Natural Beauty

What Our Clients Say

Dr Tracey was amazing. She put me at ease immediately, explained the treatment and side effects then took the time to discuss some other treatments that I was interested in (and was able to carry them out immediately). I would not hesitate to recommend her or her clinic.

Claire Poile

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