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An exciting regenerative treatment

What are polynucleotides?

Two to three treatments of VITARAN are advised to achieve the desired results, three to four weeks apart. Top ups are advised annually.

The product is injected with tiny needles into the desired area.

Patients will begin to notice results quite soon after the initial session, but the second session jumpstarts the remodelling process. The product continues its effects for the first 12 weeks, progressively improving over time. However, patients will experience an early improvement and lift after the first session.

 Typically, the effects of polynucleotide treatments last for approximately six months before requiring a maintenance session.

Where are Polynucleotides Injected?

Polynucleotides can be effectively used for various facial areas including under the eyes, neck, and even the jawline, forehead and cheekbones. The décolleté can also be treated. Currently, the most sought-after application tends to be the under-eye area.

For individuals already receiving tear-trough filler for hollowing, incorporating polynucleotides into the treatment plan often allows for longer intervals between filler sessions.

Who is suitable to treat?

Polynucleotides are perfect for those 30 years and over and those with mature skin or showing signs of early ageing.

contraindications include:

  • vegetarians and vegans

  • pregnant and breastfeeding

  • fish allergy


What does the treatment involve?

Polynucleotides are an injectable bio-stimulator, made from purified fragments of salmon or trout DNA which mirror human DNA. 

The purpose of injecting the product is to stimulate our own cells to produce some of the things that we lose with ageing. Polynucleotides boost collagen and elastin by up-regulating the fibroblast cells, as well as improving tissue regeneration and restoring skin tone and elasticity. It has an antioxidant and hydrating effect in addition to the bio-remodelling, therefore resulting in skin that looks and feels healthier.

  • Stimulates Fibroblasts to Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Remodels Skin to Smooth Texture & Reduce Scars  

  • Repairs Skin Cells and reduces Inflammation​ in conditions such as Rosacea and Psoriasis

  • Promotes Bio-Regeneration to Increase Collagen

  • Improves Elasticity to Tighten Loose Skin​

  • DNA Fractions Regenerate Skin Quality​ & Hydrates the Skin

What is the cost of treatment with Vitaran?

Undereyes- 1ml syringe £149 (course of 3 treatments £399)

Facial, neck and décolleté areas may require 2ml-6ml

2ml syringe £199

4ml £299

6ml £399

(discount for courses)

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