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Poly-L-Lactic Acid Collagen Stimulators

AesPlla® and Sculptra are bio-stimulatory PLLA fillers that stimulates collagen production for visible rejuvenation and superior longevity. They are ideal for patients aged 30+ who are seeking to restore facial volume lost through ageing or weight loss.


How do they work?

Poly-L-lactic collagen stimulators, more commonly known as PLLA collagen stimulators, are synthetic and bio-stimulatory dermal fillers intended for the restoration of facial and body volume loss.

Intended as a stimulator, PLLA collagen stimulators differ from traditional dermal fillers as they don’t produce results instantly. Instead, PLLA collagen stimulators directly act on the dermal fibroblast, contributing to the production of new collagen in the skin. Once collagen stimulation commences in the injected area, patients can expect results to appear progressively over a few months and to last up to 3 years.

As PLLA collagen stimulators offer a gradual, volume-restoring solution for patients, these injectables often boast more natural-looking results in comparison to more traditional dermal fillers. Plus, with a safe, minimally invasive, and effective treatment protocol, PLLA collagen stimulators are a great representation of the dramatic advancements in the treatment of the ageing face.


Treatment with PLLA

  • aesPlla® requires three treatments, spaced four weeks apart, for optimal results.

  • It is recommended to undergo 1-4 sessions of Sculptra, with a minimum of three-week intervals between each session. Patients usually require three sessions.

Cost of Aesplla

1 treatment is £325

Course of 3 is £775

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