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Masseter (Jaw Line Slimming)

Masseter jaw botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of a wide jawline.  It is also an effective treatment for "Bruxism" - teeth grinding or clenching 


The masseter muscle is responsible for chewing and grinding food, and when it is overactive, it can cause the jaw to appear larger than normal.

Masseter botox injections help to relax the muscle, resulting in a more slender jawline. It is a safe and effective treatment with minimal downtime. There is no anesthesia required and most people report only minor discomfort during the injection process.

The masseter muscle is one of the muscles that help us to chew. It is attached to the lower jaw and extends up to the bone at the top of the cheek.

Botox Treatment

When this muscle is overactive, it can lead to making the appearance of the lower face bulky and square-shaped. This procedure involves injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle, which temporarily paralyzes the muscle and reduces its size.

During the procedure, a small needle is used to inject botox into the masseter muscle. There is usually no need for any anesthesia, although some patients may choose to apply some numbing cream to reduce discomfort.

As a result, the face looks slimmer and more contoured. If you are considering this procedure, it is important to consult with a qualified medical professional who has experience performing masseter botox injections.

What Our Clients Say

Tina Chambers

Totally professional experience. Procedure explained, aftercare advice given and would recommend Dr Tracey

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